Sleater-Kinney Related Bands

1--The pages for Cadallaca, Excuse Seventeen, Heartless Martin, Heavens to Betsy, Ninetynine, The Spells, The Tentacles, & Tommy are part of this website. All of them include a discography. Most of them have lyrics and at least one or two pictures. Enjoy!
2--The pages for Quasi are not part of this site. The reason for this is, Quasi has a very fabulous site that they run on their own, and also, I am sorry to say I don't know anywhere near as much about them as they do themselves!
3--I spend a lot of time on this site, scanning in images, researching information, etc. If you would like to use any of the images/information that I have on this site, please email me, or even just say you got your image(s) and/or information from this site. Thanks!

Cadallaca: Corin Tucker, Sarah Dougher, STS

Excuse Seventeen: Carrie Brownstein, Becca Albee, C. J. Phillips

Heartless Martin: Corin Tucker, Becca Albee

Heavens to Betsy: Corin Tucker, Tracy Sawyer

Ninetynine: Laura MacFarlane, Amy Clarke, Cameron Potts, Iain McIntyre

Quasi: Janet Weiss, Sam Coomes

The Spells: Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony

The Tentacles: Carrie Brownstein, Lois Maffeo, Peter Momtchiloff

Tommy: Carrie Brownstein, Lois Maffeo


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