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Pins-- The Woods 5 tour pins :: The Woods 9 pins


 Pins-- One Beat 4 album pins :: One Beat 4 koala pins :: One Beat band picture pin



 Pins-- All Hands on the Bad One 4 album pins


Stickers-- The Woods (pictures 1-5) :: One Beat (pictures 6-9 ) :: The Hot Rock


Totebag-- Navy w/ Light Blue Geese (, 2004)


Hoodie-- Grey w/ Light Blue Geese (, 2004)


T-Shirts-- Navy/Orange Dog shirt (Jul/Aug 2006 shows) :: Yellow/Brown Dog shirt (Jul/Aug 2006 shows) :: Heart S-K (homemade design. I put it on a tank top and wore it to the Aug 02 show) :: 3 different Green-ish Dog shirts (May 02 & 03, 2006 GAMH shows. Thanks to marriemecarrie for the photo) :: Wings (The Woods tour. Color version sold in 2005, b&w version in 2006) :: Music Notes (The Woods tour, 2005)


T-Shirts-- Horse (, Nov. 2005) :: Tree (, May 2005) :: Fox T-shirt Blue (, May 2005) :: Fox Muscle Shirt Red (, May 2005) Dots and Tree (subpop, May 2005 :: Faces (subpop, May 2005)


 T-shirts-- Blue May Day Festival (May 01, 2004 - 2 images) :: Geese (, 2004) :: Green & Brown Bridge (, 2004)


T-Shirts-- Red Goose :: Brown & Green Koala shirts (One Beat) :: Monkey (One Beat) :: B&W Band (One Beat) :: For Lovers (3 versions-One Beat) :: Aqua "Home Made" (One Beat)


T-Shirts-- Bird (Nov 1 & 2, 2000) :: "The Bad One" (AHOTBO) :: Riffs (AHOTBO) :: Orange & Grey Tuxedo Cat (AHOTBO)



 T-Shirts-- Blue & Red Ship Shirts (Hot Rock) :: Blue & White Diamond Shirts (Hot Rock) :: Cat Face (Pre-Hot Rock)



T-Shirts-- Dig Me Out :: Call the Doctor :: Skull '95-'96 :: Arrow '94-'96?



Misc-- Aluminum Street Sign

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