The End of You

Song is from The Hot Rock CD/LP, which is available at Kill Rock Stars.
Official lyrics come with the album; I have modified them so that the lyrics posted here
reflect what I actually hear the band singing in the song.
Because that took me lots of time and effort, please do let me know
if you would like to use the lyrics I have posted here on your site.
Or even just reference my site on yours. Thanks!

build for me your tightest ship
make the oars run swift and fast
send me out your strongest crew
with their hearts and minds steadfast
bless me with Athena
there's no meaner, she's the best
when we hit the roughest seas
we'll need all we can get

you say "sink or swim"
what a cruel, cruel phrase
I'd rather fly
don't wannna be caught in this endless race

the first beast that will appear
will entice us with money and fame
if you listen long enough
you'll forget there's anything else
tie me to the mast
of this ship and of this band
tie me to the greater things
the people that I love

you can walk the plank
do the dead mans float
never let them see
your heart is pounding full of hope

let the last storm hit us
let it strike at the hardest part
turn us all to mutiny
turn this boat upside down
but I'm not the captain
I am just another fan
sailing off the edge of truth
into the end of you

eye of the storm
what a cruel, cruel myth
(there's) no bigger spotlight
than shown on the ones brave enough to live

the end of you
the end of you
the end of truth
I'm lookin' for you
the end of you
the end of you
the end of you
I'm lookin' for you

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