Step Aside

Song is from One Beat CD/LP, which is available at Kill Rock Stars.
Official lyrics come with the album; I have modified them so that the lyrics posted here
reflect what I actually hear the band singing in the song.
Because that took me lots of time and effort, please do let me know
if you would like to use the lyrics I have posted here on your site.
Or even just reference my site on yours. Thanks!

will you come knocking on my door?
pull me, pick me off the floor
I might need something to get me going
feel it one time
it rolls! dig it

when I feel worn out, when I feel beaten
like a used up shoe or a cake half-eaten
there's only one way to keep on feeling
move it up one time
in time!
step aside, step aside, uh huh
step aside would be wise(?)

this mama works till her back is sore
but the baby's fed and the tunes are pure
you'd better get your feet on the floor
move it up one time
to the beat! (4x)

these times are troubled, these times are rough
there's more to come but you can't give up
why don't you shake a tail for peace and love
move it up one time
for love! dig it
step aside, step aside, uh huh
step aside would be wise(?)

Janet, Carrie, can you feel it?
knife through the heart of our exploitation
ladies, one time, can you hear it?
disassemble your discrimination

when violence rules the world outside
and the headlines make me want to cry
it's not the time to just keep quiet
speak up, one time
to the beat! (4x)

shake it, one time, can you feel it? uh, uh huh
move it, one time, do you mean it? uh, uh huh
no don't, give up, 'cause i need it. uh, uh huh
to the beat! (4x)

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